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Hello and Welcome!

This page will introduce you to inspirezone and help you with where to start.

inspirezone developer community

IMPORTANT! We are looking for community members who are ACTIVE CODERS and SERIOUS about ACCELERATING THEIR GROWTH. It’s important our members have this mindset. If this fits you then we more than welcome you to JOIN US!

How we'll help you

The inspirezone community exists to act as a gathering ground for coders of all levels of experience to collaborate on projects and grow our skills. We work of the motto that the best way to learn is by doing!

We also run a blog that covers all things programming practice and productivity.

Here are some the benefits of becoming part of our community:

  • You’ll be part of an influential community that will push you to code more.
  • You can choose to join a closer knit accountability group that will encourage you to stay on track with your goals.
  • Find like-minded developers and reach out to them. For example, to find contributors or partners for your own projects.
  • We’ll also help you kickstart projects if you need help by providing guidelines on how we launched our projects on the inspirezone GitHub.
  • Basically, you can leverage our community in any way to accomplish your goals!

In summary, inspirezone provides a supportive environment for you to collaborate with others, grow your skills and have fun while doing so.

LEARNING BY DOING is central to the focus of our community. Our goal is to create an environment where you are MOTIVATED and kept ACCOUNTABLE for your skills growth. Join us to be part of our unique community!

Getting involved with projects

Look through projects on the inspirezone GitHub. We welcome contributions from everyone, whether you’re a member of our community or not!

If you’re not sure what git or GitHub is, see our blog post on a quick introduction to git.

You can also submit ideas for a development project you would like to work on which can be actively supported by the community. It’s great for kickstarting any project you have in mind.

The process of getting a project supported by us is:

  • You can submit project ideas following your sign up to inspirezone.
  • We work with you to begin planning out how this can be kickstarted as a project and splitting it up into sub tasks which anyone can begin working on.
  • The project repo is published on our GitHub page for exposure (or your own GitHub page if you prefer).
  • We encourage our members to contribute to the project.

Perhaps you’re new to coding and would like to learn by getting stuck into a project. Or you could be experienced and looking for a way to develop your skills.

Whatever your reason, the focus at inspirezone is to learn by doing through a supportive online collaboration environment. Contribute to our existing projects or kickstart your own and form a team with others interested in helping out.

Hopefully we’ve convinced you by now to join us. Hit that button below 😁

Find your way around this site

Check out the blog for tips, tools, resources and discussions on all things programming practice and productivity.

The about page contains info about the background of this site and our mission.

The dev zone lists a summary of the projects you can help out with. These projects are managed on the inspirezone GitHub page.

Use the get in touch page to reach us for any reason.

Hope to see you around!