Dev Zone

Dev Zone

This page lists a summary of all development projects on the inspirezone GitHub. Collaboration is done through GitHub but refer here for a quick overview of our community projects portfolio.

We can also support you in launching an open source project! The steps for this are:

  • Join the community.
  • After joining, respond to the welcome email or get in touch with us anytime and let us know details of the project you have in mind.
  • We’ll work with you to support launch of the open source project.
  • Your project repo is hosted on the inspirezone GitHub or your own profile.
  • We encourage members to contribute.

Community GitHub Projects

GitHub Link: AutomateGitRepoSetup

Blog Post Tutorial: Github API use case: Automate git local and remote repo setup with Python

Description: Use python to automate creation of a local repo on your PC and a remote repo on Github in one click.

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