Useful Resources For Devs and Techies 🛠️

Useful Resources For Devs and Techies 🛠️

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Developer Upskilling 💻

Learn to Code: Codecademy

codecademy logo

Codecademy is an online learning platform offering courses from beginner to advanced level on various programming languages.

Book: 9 Indispensable Rules for Debugging Software and Hardware (David J. Agans)

This book goes through key concepts that can be adopted by any software or hardware engineer to form a systematic way of debugging. Read our review post of this book.

Book: Show Your Work!: 10 Ways To Share Your Creativity And Get Discovered (Austin Kleon)

The book encourages us to be ‘documentarians’ and record our process and progress in whatever we are learning. This is a great mindset to have for developers and removes the excuse of being new to something before you can start sharing your experiences about it.


Codementor is a platform offering mentorship to provide support for your development goals and projects. This can be through one-to-one mentorship, freelance project work or any other method that works for you. As an approved mentor on the platform you can reach out to me for help with whatever you’re stuck on. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss how I can be of help!

Websites 🌐

Website Hosting: Hostinger

Ready to start your own website and blog? You’ll need a hosting provider for your website. Hostinger is a well-known hosting provider and is also used to run our inspirezone site!

Domain Names: Namecheap

A domain name is the address URL of your website. Namecheap are a reputable provider of affordable Domain names.

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