Introductions – Why I started this blog and community

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This is the 10th blog post of this site, hurray!

I realised I hadn’t done any introductions or given any background to this blog. But I guess better late than never!

Just want to talk about my intentions for starting this blog and community and where I hope to see it reach some day. Perhaps by reading this you’ll better understand my motivations for wanting to create this developer community 🙂 

My Background

First off, you can call me Fum. I’m an embedded programmer. I realise embedded might not be a well known field of software development, so I’ll briefly describe embedded programming as writing software for electronic hardware. Think of the electronics all around you, from a simple calculator, to a smartwatch. From your washing machine, to your video games consoles. These are all embedded devices.

See some of my blog posts on embedded programming:

The main languages I use are C and Python. I use C to write the software actually being programmed onto the devices. And Python is more for writing testing and automation programs.

I enjoy the work I do but I’m very curious about the other sides of software development. So I’m expanding my interests into desktop user applications, web design and so on!

I’m also a Linux user and was always interested in the open source community. I’ve used open source programs and admired the work and efforts involved in putting together a functioning application written by several people.

Now I’ve begun to explore how I can actively contribute to open source. It’s time to give back! I want to make a conscious effort to develop open source projects and contribute to projects that interest me. I’ll be writing about my experiences with open source on this blog!

You can checkout the Inspirezone GitHub page for a growing list of open source projects our community looks after!

One of my reasons for starting this blog is to go out of my comfort zone a bit and expand my knowledge and skills in other areas of software development. I hope to inspire others to do the same or to grow their existing skill-set.

What’s the vision for inspirezone?

Enough about me, so how can I help YOU in your goals?

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Let’s create a unique and supportive community 

My vision for this site is to create a community where anyone of any level of programming skill can feel comfortable interacting with others. This will provide an environment where no one is afraid to seek help and we can freely share ideas and collaborate on projects.

I created this space as a gathering ground for anyone interested in tech and coding to find like-minded people they can use to support each other. Use this space to achieve your own development goals in whatever way you want.

Let’s learn by doing and actually do it!

The main motto here is to learning to code by coding to learn.

New to coding? Team up with others who are also new to the journey. Create an accountability group that will push you to learn continuously.

Have a great idea for an application but need developers to work with? Reach out to community members about your project, find those willing to join you.

Want some experience contributing to projects as part of a team? The aim is to have a platform where all sorts of projects exist in our repositories and can cater to all levels. Pick a task and work on a project and language that interests you. It’s a great way to get experience working with a team of developers.

Just like how I felt somehow unable to contribute to open source, I’m sure there are many people out there like me. Let’s make a community where no one is afraid to try out anything and will be supported along the way!

A community shaped by YOU

I want this community to adapt to the needs of our members. After all, it’s all about creating an environment that will help each other reach our goals!

I really value feedback, comments and questions anyone may have. What else do you look for in a developer community? How can we support you in your goals as a developer? Reach out for any reason using this form.

I want this to be a community for developers by developers.

Sharing the knowledge

Of course, benefits of a blog and community like this is being able to share knowledge with each other. You can share your knowledge and experiences by collaborating with others and helping others who reach out for it.

Hopefully I can learn a lot from others too 🙂 As we know, the learning journey for a programmer never ends!


So that’s a summary of what inspirezone is all about and hopes to become. Watch this space for exciting times ahead!

You can also check out the about us page for more general information and FAQ on how this community works.

As I write this post there’s actually not a single comment yet on the site. So I have no idea if anyone is actually reading this! If you happen to be reading this when this blog finally has a few readers then leave me a comment below 🙂 

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